James Anderson, guest contributor

Get up parents stop pondering and start working on your kid’s room. To equip them with more interesting, creative and imaginative surroundings, fill their personal dwelling with cool stuff. Nowadays it’s not a very tough task to do as kids admire several cartoon characters, fairy tales, sport stars, super heroes, comic characters etc. and want to be as cool as them. You can easily find furniture, rugs, carpets, wall papers, wall hangings and other accessories on numerous themes that kids would surely love. Be more creative and add some color to your kid’s life by applying following themes on their room:


Cartoon and Comic Book theme:Add a little imagination and creativity in your kid’s bedroom to give them a feeling that they have the world of their own with perfect surroundings.

Every kid has his own way to pay a tribute to his favorite character. If your kid is a cartoon and comic book enthusiast then fill your kid’s room with cartoon and comic book themed items. Use bed, bed sheets, curtains, cushions, carpets, wall hangings, rugs and wall paper with the theme of Spider Man, Ben Ten, Barbie, Dora, Winnie the Pooh, Power Puff Girls, Batman, The Avengers and the like. Make their world a bit more interesting by adding Batman soap container, comic book free standing letters, Spiderman motion lamp, Ben Ten toy boxes, Cat Woman mug, Marvel Comic’s Captain America bed sheets, leather storage bins with super hero logos, Spiderman themed wall decoration, comic book dresser, vintage comic book decoupage coat rack,   super hero wall clocks, table covered with comic book characters, Herman chair etc.


Fairy Theme:

Give life to the imagery fairy tales of your baby girls and decorate their room accordingly to give them the real fairy tale feel. Place Twinkle fairy castle bed with snow white bed sheet, wooden fairy bedroom flower lamps, mushroom cushion stepping stone, fairy lights, fairy dust craft, girls Fancy Swirls Wall Decal Quote with Birds and Butterflies – glittering dust, Fairy Wings, awesome fairytale mirror stickers, Woodland Fairy  bedroom set, small colorful fairy doors. Use wall papers and wall hangings of Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty etc. to give it a more fairy land look.


Sports Theme:

Kids with intense passion for sports would love to live in a sports themed room to get that sporty sensation. Add the accessories related to their favorite sport, for instance, soccer themed bed and bed cover, baseball cushions, basketball wall hanging or use rackets, bats or hockey sticks as wall hangings, football shaped wall clock, posters and wall papers of favorite sports stars or team names, tennis themed rugs or carpets, curtains with prints of their favorite team logos like the logo of Manchester United etc.

Add a little imagination and creativity in your kid’s bedroom to give them a feeling that they have the world of their own with perfect surroundings.

About the Author:

James Anderson writes about the imaginative world of kids and how you can make their world more interesting by decorating their bedrooms in their beloved themes. He also loves to write about Cheap canvas prints and printing photos to canvas.