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Fun Activities That my Girls Actually Want to Do

Emily, guest contributor There is this awful and horrible fact that you have to face when you are a mother of two girls: they are becoming teenagers and you are not the center of their world anymore. Yes, you will stop being that fun mom, and that person that brings…Read More

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Bicycle safety tips for kids

Hello, this is Ed Holpfer with the Better Kids Institute. The weather is finally turning warmer and kids everywhere are hopping back onto their bikes to ride through the neighborhood. It is a great source of exercise and fun, but it can also be dangerous if you and your kids…Read More

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Developing The Martial Arts Code of Conduct

What is the martial arts code of conduct? The code of conduct represents a system of social skills that, when practiced along with the physical components of martial arts training, form the foundation of all martial arts. Although the code may vary slightly from school to school there are some…Read More

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Key Elements of Physical Fitness

The idea of physical fitness may conjure up visions of workouts at the gym or an early morning run for most adults. But for children fitness and exercise really means playing and being active in all their activities. In effect, children are exercising any time they are participating in sports,…Read More

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Benefits of Physical Fitness

As parents we want to encourage our children to make physical fitness and healthy activity a daily priority. Like a healthy diet, adequate sleep and good hygiene, physical activity should be a routine part of their daily lives. All the experts agree that regular physical activity has significant health benefits….Read More

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Fitness and Good Health

Fitness has been shown to be the most important lifestyle factor for good health. Many health experts believe increasing physical activity and exercise is an almost magic elixir for improved well being. Yet, despite the proven health and psychological benefits of increased fitness, a large percentage of the population does…Read More

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Wellness vs. Weight

The terms wellness and health and fitness are often used interchangeably to define the condition of good overall physical and mental health, especially when maintained by proper diet, exercise, and habits. However, many people define health and fitness by the number they see on their bathroom scale. When a person…Read More

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Big Game Tomorrow? Eat Right Tonight

What are you doing the night before a big sporting event? If you want to perform at your best level tomorrow, the food you eat tonight can have a positive impact tomorrow. It’s called carb-loading, and it’s the best way to make sure your body has the reserve of energy…Read More