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4 Steps To Raising Confident Kids

Raising confident kids is not as easy as one might think. There are so many factors that go into nurturing this mindset that it is easy to overthink the process. The one thing to remember is that parents are their children’s first teachers, and in that regard, they are the…Read More

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6 Signs You’re Forgetting to Set a Good Example for Your Kids

Melanie Hargrave, guest contributor Being a parent gives you an abundance of parenting components to think about and remember, so naturally many good practices may fall through the cracks. But one of the most important responsibilities that cannot be overlooked by a parent is to constantly set a good example….Read More

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5 Reasons to Put Your Child in Music Lessons

Leslie Mason, guest contributor When searching for an extra-curricular activity for your child, it can sometimes be difficult to decide how you want your child spending their time. Music lessons, however, are an activity that will continue to pay off well into your child’s adult years. Here are just some…Read More

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The Link between Anxiety and Childhood Obesity

Ryan Rivera, guest contributor There have been a number of studies that linked childhood obesity and anxiety. Childhood obesity has become a very serious medical condition. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that the incidence of childhood obesity has doubled in children and tripled among adolescents in…Read More

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Parenting Goals for Your Child’s Development

Guest contribution- There are a lot of parents with young children who prefer to hire child care services most especially when there is not enough time to be with them. Most of the times, parents prefer someone who is just a relative or someone who lives nearby. There are really…Read More

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8 Ways to Protect Your Children from Bullying

Bullying is a sad reality that’s been happening in schools everywhere. In fact, even in 2010, over 160,000 children  miss school out of fear of being bullied.   Bullies use their physical size, age, or gender to intimidate other children–whether by abusive language, social threats, physical aggression or psychological abuse….Read More

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Online Games That Build Kids’ Self-Esteem

Online games have become a distinct aspect of children’s social environment and are an engaging part of their social skill development. In an age when children have at least monitored internet access to others from virtually every part of the planet, online, as in the real world, children continue to…Read More

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Creative and Inspiring Themes for Kids’ Bedrooms

James Anderson, guest contributor Get up parents stop pondering and start working on your kid’s room. To equip them with more interesting, creative and imaginative surroundings, fill their personal dwelling with cool stuff. Nowadays it’s not a very tough task to do as kids admire several cartoon characters, fairy tales,…Read More

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Building Discipline Through Music

Contributed anonymously   With so many varying types of activities, lessons, and sports available, how do you know which one is best for your child? If you are looking for something that enhances learning styles, encourages emotional growth, develops confidence and discipline and most importantly is fun, music lessons may…Read More

motivation, self-esteem, discipline

How to Help Children Build Self-Confidence

Tony Buchanan, guest contributor When children are struggling in school, frustration that results from such failures can be overwhelming and daunting especially to the young children. Research has shown that children develop their self-confidence through their achievements. As children accomplish these achievements, they feel more capable, competent, and ready to…Read More

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