By Lauren Tessin, Guest contributor

When it comes to children, they have a mind of their own.  Like anyone, they all have different personalities and have had different life experiences to help shape their personality.  Although there are many different traits we would like to see our children have, confidence is one of the most important.

Without confidence, life can be tough and seem against you no matter what.  However, with a little confidence, we can get farther in life and be a happier individual overall.  So, how can you make sure your children has confidence?  Continue reading below to find out!

Praise them

When your child does something good, be sure to praise them.  From getting an “A” on his or her spelling test to getting an award for being the best classroom helper, praise your child.  When you praise your child, they feel good about what they have done, and it will encourage them to repeat that same behavior that got them to be praised.

Encourage them

If your child is feeling less than confident, be sure to encourage him or her.  For example, if your child is nervous about his or her exam or riding the bus for the first day of school, encourage them to have confidence.  By saying things like, “I know it may seem intimidating, but you will do just fine.  What is the worst that can happen?”  You are showing that you understand where they are coming from, but also reminding them that they will be fine in whatever they do.  Encourage bad thoughts to leave their head and replace those bad thoughts with positive and realistic ones.

Don’t let them give up

Do you find that your child wants to give up easily when it comes to certain things?  If so, don’t let them give up.  Once you do, you are showing them that it is okay to not try their hardest.  You may even give them the signal that they may not be able to do it after all, so they should just quit now.  Be persistent and keep pushing your child to his or her goals.  Once they see that they can do it on their own, they will remember that next time they struggle with something.

Be a role model

In order for your child to have confidence, you must show how confident you are.  For example, next time you’re afraid to do something or you want to knock yourself for not being talented in a certain area, be sure to avoid those thoughts and to display the opposite.  By saying things like, “I’m not the best at basketball, but I can try my best to help you practice for today’s game” you can show your child that you are willing to try anything.

As you can see, there are plenty of things you can do in order to increase your child’s confidence.  From praising them for their achievements to being a good role model, shaping your child’s personality really does start with you.  As a parent, you can help set your child up for failure or success just by how you parent.  Parent wisely!


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