Just like the many different types of bullying, there are different types of bullies.

Each has their own reasons for bullying and the approach that they take to belittle, intimidate or harass their targets. Today we’re going to look at who these bullies are and how they act out.


Popular bullies

Perhaps the biggest bully stereotype is the popular bully. These are the kids who are seen by others as the trendsetters and ones to emulate.

They seek attention as a way to stay on top of the social ladder or climb higher and use bullying to get there. Popular bullies tend to be more physical in their attacks; shoving, punching or stealing from their targets.


Relational bullies

Also desperate for attention is the relational bully. They are slightly lower in the social pecking order than the popular bullies but enjoy using their status to decide who will be accepted and who will be outcast.

Their weapon of choice is gossip, name calling and exclusion to slander others in an attempt to keep down those who they don’t like.


Serial bullies

If not a target, it would be hard for others to believe a serial bully to be someone who would cause problems for others.

Serial bullies can act and appear to be innocent in the eyes of authority figures and even other students. But when they select a target, they use emotional bullying, manipulation and lying to bring down their victims.

And because they are very careful to fly under the radar of parents and teachers, they are often free to inflict emotional damage for long periods of time without getting caught.


Group bullies

As the name suggests, group bullies strike when they are together.

They will imitate the leader of their group as a means to impress that person and prove to the others that they belong. Because they have strength in numbers, group bullies often justify their actions by making the argument that their behavior is acceptable because others are doing it too.


Indifferent bullies

The other common stereotype of a bully is the indifferent bully.

These are the bullies who are incapable of feeling emotion and it shows. They often appear cold and detached.

Indifferent bullies are dangerous because they don’t care what happens to themselves or others so they can be capable of inflicting some very serious physical or emotional damage.