Something Fun and Active for the Kids

July 6, 2018

To all the parents or guardians that are looking to do something fun and active for their kids. The Ultimate Taekwondo in Stony Brook is the place to be. All the staffs specially Master Kwak, Master Ryan, and Master Joshua are very supportive and loving. They take their time to know each kids and their families. They also know the kid’s strength and weakness. They would help them achieve their goals, that would be mastering their skills for their color belt test or reaching for their black belts. 

When my oldest son joined few years ago, he didn’t know how to kick well nor does he have any confidence in himself. Within few weeks he gained confidence and made friends that really cheered him on. The skills he learned in class helps him apply in school like memorization and manners, which Master Kwak is very big on. Master Ryan teaches the older kids ages from 5 years old and up. While Master Joshua teaches the young kids ages 3 years old to 5 years old. Taekwondo have many forms that the children have to know and remember for their testing to move up on their belt colors. 

Now my three boys have joined the Tarkwondo and they love it. Right after school they get themselves ready. This is the place they challenge themselves to see how fast they can learn the forms and get themselves ready for testing.

– Kit Cheng