Trains the Kids to be Mentally Strong

July 6, 2018
I have two kids age 9 (boy) and 6 (girl). They love this place and said it is fun to be with Master Kwak, Master Ryan, Master Frank, other instructors and all the students. The masters know every student by name and treat them like families. The masters work with each student and assist in areas they can improve. Each class is a little different, and the class schedule is very flexible. Both kids started with Master Frank at the age of 4. I feel proud to see my kids’ progress. They are both in the sparring program and they won silver and bronze medals at National Taekwondo Championships in Minneapolis in 2019. This is not only a body training school, but it also trains the kids to be mentally strong. I believe the Taekwondo spirit will be beneficial for their entire life.
– Amily Zhang